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Discreet Hearing Associates  Hearing Aid specialists throughout Northern Ireland
Welcome to Discreet Hearing Associates
Hearing tests and hearing aids
Hearing Aids Northern Ireland
Discreet Hearing Aids Northern Ireland
Welcome to Discreet Hearing Associates - Hearing Aid Specialists.
Discreet Hearing Associates was formed in 1999 to provide a truly high quality local, independent and affordable alternative to higher priced national organisations.


At our test centres, based in your local optical practice, you will receive a friendly, professional, no obligation consultation with a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (registered with the Health and Care Profession Council). You will be invited to have a free electronic assessment of your hearing. The results will be fully explained and advice given as to possible options. This service is completely free of charge.


Discreet Hearing is completely independent and local. That means anyone requiring a hearing aid is given impartial advice, regardless of type of aid or the manufacturer. Hearing aids come in many different styles and sizes. Our aim is to simplify the jargon so that you can make your own decision on what is best for you. All leading makes and models such as Oticon, Unitron, Siemens, Phonak, Widex, Starkey, GN Resound are available at best prices.


If required, after the initial hearing test, a hearing aid can be ordered and is usually ready for fitting approximately 2 weeks later. Follow-up visits are arranged 3-6 weeks after fitting, and fine tuning may be carried out at this stage. After care continues for as long as you have the aid.


For general enquiries and home visits please telephone 078 6379 6067
Hearing Aids Northern Ireland Unitron, Siemens, Phonak, Widex
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